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Top Rated Gambling Addiction Treatment Program

Our compulsive gambling program and Gambling Treatment Services acknowledge the seriousness of gambling addiction. This gambling specific program allows our patients to experience and practice important skills needed in order to achieve a successful recovery from a gambling addiction.

We believe that recovery from gambling addiction rehab is possible and that it requires an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, we offer a variety of therapies designed to address specific issues and concerns of our patients. Gambling addicts attend gambling specific groups, work with a team of Nationally Certified Gambling Counselors, financial pressure relief counselors, and Addiction Psychologist to address both the emotional and practical issues of gambling addiction.

Our program is highly individualized, has a low client to therapist ratio, and is designed to address specific issues as they arise. We believe this approach, accompanied with mutual support and the introduction to the twelve-step program of Gamblers Anonymous (GA) will bring about a transformation that will allow the patient to resume life with a renewed sense of well-being, responsibility and purpose.

Gambling Treatment Services has been providing treatment for Compulsive Gambling and Problem Gaming for over 14 years. Our mission is to create a safe environment for our Clients; one in which our clients begin to feel safe enough to slow down and begin to heal the effects that addictive gambling and gaming have had on them, their loved ones and even friends and employers.

Gambling Treatment Services is grateful to be one of the only residential treatment programs in the United States that treats Gambling and only Gambling. The majority of our staff is in Recovery from Compulsive Gambling and understand as few do the unique issues surrounding the Problem Gambler, Gamer or Day Trader. We are an intimate program and our staff to patient ratio is almost one to one.

Our 30-Day Residential Program is a three phase program that gently guides the addicted gambler into a place of acceptance and empowerment to make the behavioral changes needed to create a life free from Gambling and other addictive behaviors. Our Masters Level Therapists and Nationally Certified Gambling Counselors utilize the 12 –Step model of Gamblers Anonymous to help our clients recreate the lives that have crashed down around them. Beyond daily groups and weekly individual sessions with a Primary Therapist or Counselor, Clients will participate in and receive Nuerofeedback at our Brain Center, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy with EAGALA trained Therapists, day trips to surrounding areas like Sedona, a fitness regimen that includes weekly yoga sessions to enhance mindfulness and a gym membership. Also included in treatment is participation in our incredibly healing Family Program. All of this is offered in a beautifully appointed, family-style, residence located in the cool pines of Prescott, Arizona. Gambling Treatment Services is proud to be one of the best values in addiction treatment anywhere in the United States.

We’re grateful to accept most insurance plans. We understand your suffering and are here to help relieve the pressure and help you or your loved one on to the road to recovery and healing. Call us today. One of our recovering staff members will be here to answer any questions you may have and begin the treatment planning process.

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